Fintech is revolutionizing the financial industry

Innovation and growth of financial technology in 2016 
The financial industry is under pressure. Since the events of the previous financial crisis, trust in the financial system has been low. There is a call for renewal and greater transparency. Young and innovative startups are answering this call:  FinTech (Financial Technology), innovation driven by technology. 

Nowadays Fintech is becoming a more integral part of the global economy. Think about mobile banking, crypto currencies like Bitcoin, and the increasing numbers of financial apps. This is the Fintech technology that is rapidly evolving.  Where will the future take us? Nobody knows. But looking at the current stats: GROWTH is the word.
In this info graphic, we take a closer look at Fintech and the driving force behind its success.

This info graphic from and takes a closer look  at the growing FinTech landscape.


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mar 28, 2016